Religious Festivals

Religion is an integral part of Ethiopian life and culture and is celebrated with impressive ceremonies, traditional dress, music and dancing providing a blanket of colorful expression across the country.

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Currency matters

The Ethiopian currency is Birr. It is advisable to change money at the banks or hotels legally. There is not much of a black market. Cash dollars are best although you will be able to change traveler’s check and credit cards at the major banks and at major hotels. To discourage travelers from changing money on the black market, you will be required to settle all your currency legal exchange receipts that help you to change back to foreign currency your leftover local money on departure from the country. For this reason it is crucial that you make sure you hold on to your currency exchange receipts. ATMs for visa and other cards can be found in some banks and some of the main hotels in Addis Ababa and the service is expected to be available soon at other main urban centers.

Security procedure

On arrival at Addis Ababa airport please proceed through immigration and baggage collection and custom clearance. Once through proceed out of arrival hall, where Tour operator company representative will meet you holding the sign with the name of the company. The company representative will accompany to your hotel. He/she will also inform you the basic information that you need; like when to start the tour & etc.  
We do not advise you to bring highly valuable items with you on your trip. Use any hotel or lodge safes available. We suggest that at all other times you keep your body in a money belt or similar. We recommended that you bring emergency funds or have access to funds that you do not intend to use. Most insurance policies refund only after you have paid out.


Addis Ababa has lots of luxurious & tourist standard hotels in addition to the most known hotels of HILTON& SHERATON. Standards vary outside the capital, but apart from some areas, such as in the parts of  Afar region and the west bank of the Omo  where camping would be necessary, it is generally possible to get clean rooms with en suite toilet & shower. Facilities in the remote areas that you will be vesting are somewhat primitive when compared to your home and at times nom-existent. Therefore, please come prepared! Participants are usually very quick to adapt themselves to the conditions of the safari. It’s all part of the adventure!  
JULIAN TOUR & TRAVEL has a strong link with luxurious & tourist standard hotels so that can book accommodation & settle everything before and after the tour ends on your behalf. Please contact us.


Ethiopia, the ancient Christian kingdom, richest historical and cultural heritage in sub-Saharan Africa,



Climatic variations and the isolated forbidding nature of her highlands have made Ethiopia a unique habitat



Culturally Southern Ethiopia is extraordinarily rich with some 45 languages spoken by people of