Religious Festivals

Religion is an integral part of Ethiopian life and culture and is celebrated with impressive ceremonies, traditional dress, music and dancing providing a blanket of colorful expression across the country.

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Addis Ababa and its surroundings

Covers city tour in Addis Ababa and day trips around Addis Ababa. These programs give tourists opportunities of exploring the city and its surroundings as an introduction to Ethiopia’s nature, people and history.

Full day Addis Ababa city tour

Arrival early in the morning and start the journey at Meskel square, the place where the findings of the true cross by Queen Eleni, celebrated every September 27.

Drive up to the Menelik II mausoleum constructed by Queen Zewditu, visit the tomb of Menelike II, his wifes Taitu and Tsehay, the daughter of His majesty emperor Hailesilassie.

Then proceed driving to Trinity Cathedral built in 1941, the only African church by its architecture Barouck style and impressive stained glasses.

 Right on the way at Arat kilo is the victory monument erected for the memory of patriots during the Italian occupation.

Then drive to National museum, which exhibits archeological, paleontological, ethnological, modern art & royal costumes. Lucy the beginning of mankind, the oldest (3.5 million years), most complete human ancestor yet discovered anywhere in the world, founded in 1974 by Dr.Donand Johnson in Afar, Hadar found in the 1st section of the museum.

Then visit the ethnographic museum of Addis Abeba university that exhibits artifacts and handicrafts of different ethnic groups, which gives a great insight of Ethiopia`s rich cultures. 

Visit St. marry church, Menelike II palace and the best view of Addis Ababa over Entoto mountain. Visit St. George church, constructed for the memory of the victory of Adwa over Italians. In front of the church is the equestrian statue shows Menelike II on his favorite horse. Visit the biggest open air market in Africa, Mercato is a maze of commercial activity, having different sections like; shera tera, Aroge tera, Berberea tera & others. End of our tour will be visiting the stone lion of Judah and Ethio-Djibouti Rail way station.

Full day Northwest of Addis

Arrival early in the morning and drive to sululta plain & watch different aquatic birds and continue to the 13th century DebreLibanos monastery, which was established by Saint TekleHaimanot. In the early times it was served as the principal monastery of the old shoa region and even for others. The monastery is still a center of pilgrimage. In the same time the 16th century Portuguese bridge can be visited. Blue Nile gorge the formation of volcanic eruption in the tertiary period, located 200km from the center is the next stop. Picnic lunch can be made at Blue Nile gorge and back to Addis.

Full day south west of Addis

On Arrival in the early morning take to the hotel and after breakfast drive to melkakuntre archeological site, located 50km from Addis. Visit the open air museum of stone tools and after 12km west of the turn off the main road is Adadimariam, a 12th centu8ry semi monolithic church ; it is believed to be constructed by king lalibela. Enjoy the market of Adadi (Saturday 7 Thursday). Tiya, the UNESCO world heritage site, is 88km from Addis and it is the home of 36 ancient (12th-15th) stele.

Full day West of Addis

Arrival in the morning at Bole international air port and after breakfast visit menagesha forest, 35km from Addis, inhabits many species of birds, endemic birds like Abyssinian cat bird and Abyssinian bush crow; very old trees (400 years old) like podocarpus&juniperous trees. Visit the various species of mammals such as menelik`s bush buck& Columbus monkey and continue to menelik`s future (to be selected) capital of Addis Alem before Addis Abeba, visit Addis Alemmariam church basilica style. Paintings of the church are worth visiting. Have lunch at Ambo town and drive to mount wunchi and enjoy by visiting the crater lake of wunchi and boat crossing to visit the monastery of wunchicherkos. Visit hot springs of wunchi and Gudder fall. Back to Addis and evening depart.

Full day south east of Addis

Arrival in the morning at Bole international air port and have breakfast. Drive to DebreZeit, (1920Ms above sea level); visit various crater lakes, such as Bishoftu denuded by trees.Lake Hora, rich in bird life like pelicans, storks, kingfishers and other water birds. Visit Kuriftu known by its tilapia (fresh water fish) and its bird life. After lunch drive to mount Zequala, 20km from Debrezeit  and visit the monastery of Zequala Mariam founded by Saint GebreMenfesKidus in the 12th and 13th century. Back to Addis and depart at evening.

 2D/1N to the North East of Addis

Day1: Addis _ Ankober

Meet your guide early in the morning at Bole international air port, after breakfast drive to Ankober via DereBirhan, 130kms from Addis, once the center ofshoa province in the 15th century, during the time of Zerayakob, who incorporated the town. Ankober was the capital of Menelik II before he moved to Entoto. 2 km from Ankober town is the ruins palace of Emperor Menelik II. Enjoy the view of the Rift Valley escarpment. Stay overnight at Ankober lodge.

Day2: Ankober _ Awash _ Addis

Am proceed to Awash national park, the first national park in the country, inhabiting 400 species of birds such as ,golden backed wood pecker, white winged cliff chat, white tailed starling and etc. visit the spectacular Awash fall & the park`s museum. Then finally drive to Addis via Beseka Crater Lake and visit its bird species. Visit Bishoftu Crater Lake in D/Zeit.Drive to Addis &end of our service.

2D/1N south east of Addis

Day1: Addis _ sodere

Meet your guide at Bole international air port and drive to koka dam and hippo pods. Visit various species of birds particularly in the morning cormorants, ibis, herons, and pelicans can easily scanned. Pm drive to sodore overnight wabeshebelle hotel.

Day2: Sodere _ Addis

Am relax the hot springs of sodere, which have Olympic size swimming pool.20 minutes walk from the hotel is river Awash. See crocodile & hippos (if you are lucky). Pm back to Addis & end of our service.


Ethiopia, the ancient Christian kingdom, richest historical and cultural heritage in sub-Saharan Africa,



Climatic variations and the isolated forbidding nature of her highlands have made Ethiopia a unique habitat



Culturally Southern Ethiopia is extraordinarily rich with some 45 languages spoken by people of