Religious Festivals

Religion is an integral part of Ethiopian life and culture and is celebrated with impressive ceremonies, traditional dress, music and dancing providing a blanket of colorful expression across the country.

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NATIONAL Parks & Sanctuaries

The endangered species are protected in the 15 National parks, 8 wild life reserves, 4 sanctuaries & 18 controlled hunting areas. Ethiopia has more than 860 bird species, 277 mammal species, 200 species of reptiles, 148 species of fish, 63 species of amphibians and thousands of plant specimens. Some of the major national parks and sanctuaries of the country are:

Simien Mountains National PARK (UNESCO registered in 1978)

The Panoramic view of Semein MountainsThe Simien Mountain Range (882kms from Addis Ababa ) lies 130kms north of Gondar and to the East of the main road to Axum. It is one of the largest mountain ranges in Africa, with many peaks over 4000 meters. The highest and 4th highest mountain in Africa, is Mount Ras Dashen which lies at 4620 Meters. Comprising one of Africa`s principal mountain massifs, the semiens` are made of several plateaus, separated by broad and deep valleys. The semiens landscape is incredibly dramatic. The park covers an area of 179 sq. km with in an afro-alpine zone.

It is home to a number of species. Among the various animals, three of Ethiopia's endemic large mammals live in this area. These are the Gelada baboon, which live in troops of up to 400. The walia ibex, although endangered will probably be seen, but the Simien fox is becoming very rar. Endemic birds that often seen are thick billed raven, black headed siskin, white collared pigeon, wattled ibis, spot breasted plover & Ankober seedeater. Likewise, enjoy the endemic plants such as; giant Lobelia, Abyssinian rose, and others.

Although Semien Mountain is in Africa and not too far from the equator, snow and ice appear on the highest points and night temperatures often fall below zero.

The main attraction of the Simiens is its hiking and trekking with a panoramic view of the places. Most trekking routes take you through small villages and terraced fields in the lower valleys, before reaching a series of dramatic cliffs and escarpments. The base for hiking and trekking holidays is Debark, a small town some 90 km from Gondar. Guides and rangers are readily available to hire at a certain rates. In addition mules can be organized for a few Euros per day. Overnights are normally near the old park camps and distances vary but imagine four to eight hours a day of trekking. As most of this is on paths and tracks conditions underfoot are not too bad.



Ethiopia, the ancient Christian kingdom, richest historical and cultural heritage in sub-Saharan Africa,



Climatic variations and the isolated forbidding nature of her highlands have made Ethiopia a unique habitat



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