Religious Festivals

Religion is an integral part of Ethiopian life and culture and is celebrated with impressive ceremonies, traditional dress, music and dancing providing a blanket of colorful expression across the country.

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GONDAR(UNESCO registered site in 1979)

Gonder, a graceful city, is located about 738 km north of Addis Ababa and 178km from Bahirdar and was the first capital city of Ethiopian Empire, which began in 1636 with the reign of Emperor Fasiledes and remained the capital for the 250 years. Gonder is famous for its many medieval stone castles, the design and decoration of its churches.

One of the tourist sites called royal Enclosure covers an area of 7.7 hectares and this royal estate is characterized by its massive stone ramparts and a fascinating, dynastic series of castles. It contains five castles and built one after the other by Ethiopian Kings. The oldest of these is the castle of Fasiledes built of stone in the mid-17th century but is still in such an excellent status of repair. That it is possible to climb its stairs all the way to the roof, which commands a breathtaking view over much of the city. The upper storey offers panoramic views and Lake Tana is visible on a clear day. It is easy to see how Gonder right fully earned the name“Africa`s Camelot”.

On top of the famous castles, visitors should inspect the so-called bathing places of Emperor Fasiledes which is a sunken pool still used for the annual Timket or Epiphany celebration in January.

The other attraction is magnificent and most beautiful architecturally designed church with its unique murals (painting of 80 winged angels) in Gonder Known as DebreBirhanesellase (Light of the trinity) church is also worth visiting.


Ethiopia, the ancient Christian kingdom, richest historical and cultural heritage in sub-Saharan Africa,



Climatic variations and the isolated forbidding nature of her highlands have made Ethiopia a unique habitat



Culturally Southern Ethiopia is extraordinarily rich with some 45 languages spoken by people of